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Sapphire Whisper is specially designed for all who live and breathe fashion. Our online fashion magazine and shopping resource is complete with seasonal fashion editorials, the latest news and features as well as updated information on sales, new arrivals and designer highlights.

Launching first online in Fall of 2008, Sapphire Whisper is the dream child of fashion stylist, Sandra Alice. Born and raised in NYC, Sandra Alice worked to develop a site that portrayed fashion from a distinctive NYC perspective, reflected in a diverse spectrum of featured artists from emerging designers, to luxury fashion as well as a special interest in eco friendly clothing and accessories. Sapphire Whisper also features an in debth Shopping Guide of NYC boutiques and sample sale listings.

Above all, Sapphire Whisper looks to convey a positive message. Although fashion is a fast paced lucrative business, we are dedicated to highlighting its fun and playful side.

Creative individuality is always in style


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