fall Editorial 2009

  • Fall Fashion

    Sapphire Whisper's Fall Fashion Editorial, including must have pieces from hot designers, including Lia Kes, Sheri Bodell, Rebecca Minkhoff, 80%20, Gina de Silva, Manisse, Kahri, Soho Hearts and Many More .

  • Aaron Basha

    Most celebrated for their famous jeweled Baby Shoe pendants, Aaron Basha fine jewelry brings style and elegance to every design, while consistently following its trademark theme of “Magical treasures for the child at heart.'

  • Gaspar Gloves

    After over 20 years of experience in Hollywood and Fashion, Gaspar Gloves expands wider into retail, with high quality gloves and specializing in hard to find styles from many periods

  • Recession Denim
    Recession denim

    After seeing her fashionable friends sacrificing style and quality in order to be able to afford stylish denim, Daniella took it upon herself to find a solution: Recession Denim.

  • Sapphire Whisper Eco Friendly Fall 2009

  • Eco Friendly Fashion

    Sapphire Whisper continues its coverage of Eco Friendly and Vintage Designers. Designers include Zachary's Smile, Hana Hattori, Linhardt Design Studio, A.D. Schwarz, Serial Cultura, Beck(y) and I Love Ryann.

  • Braccialini

    In addition to strong involvement in charitable causes like UNESCO and Bottomless Closet, Braccialin's new headquarters stand out as a progressive advancement, embracing the need for social and ecological responsibility.

  • Kaia House

    Sapphire Whisper Eco Beauty Feature: Pushing aside chemical and toxin-filled products, Kaia House offers only the purest, safest and most effective skin and beauty care on the market


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