Sapphire Whisper Eco Friendly Fashion Fall 2010

every Season, Sapphire Whisper dedicates a section of our magazine specifically to promote the work of eco friendly fashion Designers. Their work continues to inspire us and move us in a positive direction of change and growth


  • Eco Friendly Fashion

    FaLL Fashion designers include prairie underground, physical grafFiti, Feral Childe, Beau monde organics, Jai, nashelle and dream and awake.

  • Nuna Collection

    Nuna Collection draws upon mother nature as their inspiration as they use all natural materials to fabricate a truly unique line of accessories.

  • Online Fashion Feature

    Sapphire Whisper would like to highlight some fantastic online shopping experiences for the eco conscious internet savvy shopper

  • Sapphire Whisper ARCHIVES



Fall 2010 Issue 5

Sapphire Whisper Magazine