Spring Fashion Editorial

Gold Saturn


It's time to feel giddy as we get wrapped up in our fashion springtime cravings and Gold Saturn is our next closet filling obsession. we just can't stop thinking about this spring's collection of edgy printed tees, trendy sweatshirts, thin flouncy tank dresses and body hugging body suits that exude the effortlessly chic urban attitude for the lady who has mastered the art of playing hard to get. What really made our heart a flutter is that Gold Saturn knows how to indulge our latest infatuation with one of our very favorite springtime accessories- the turban.

The playful options and surprising versatility of the turban will make it your next must have accessory. Evoke the glamorous splendor of an exotic princess from an Arabian Nights fairytale Or escape to the carefree breeze of a Hamptons excursion. Explore your rebellion and independence as you channel your confident rocker chick side. Or maybe it will serve as your secret weapon- as a savvy fashionista who can always overcome the obstacle of a bad hair day. So many possibilities for styling and even more great turban designs now available, as designer David Jon Acosta has introduced exciting new turban styles such as python print, lace fabrics in addition to studded and solids!

Gold Saturn
Gold Saturn



turbans turbans turbans!


Gold Saturn Lace Turban Gold Saturn Lace Turban Gold Saturn Lace Turban  
Sherbet Lace
Black lAce
Rose LAce


Gold Saturn Python Turban Gold Saturn Python Turban Gold Saturn Python Turban  
Black/Silver Velvet
Sky Blue/Brown

Gold Saturn Studded Turban Gold Saturn Print Turban Gold Saturn Turban  
TUsk Studded
XRay Jersey Knit
Raspberry Jersey Knit



Spotted on celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian and Katie Price, Gold Saturn is an ultra sexy line. All designs are executed with a perfect straight forward simplicity and versatility that makes them so easy to wear but always dynamic statement pieces. you can see why David Jon Acosta proclaims "My line is for the person in the room that you want to get to know better." aND WE KNOW THAT WE DEFINITELY WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT gOLD sATURN!

You can find Gold Saturn at select boutiques across the US and always just a click away online at www.goldsaturn.com