Spring Fashion Editorial


Love Letter Nation


hat's not to love about Love Letter Nation? Adorable flirty frocks deliver a burst of sunshine to your closet and behind each one of these fashion favorites lies an inspirational message dedicated to a wonderful charitable cause. Distinguished by her creativity along with humanitarian integrity, Elena Sheehy created her fashion label in Kalcutta,India. After working for several fashion houses in New York, the opportunity to create a line that is independent, whimsical, and design orientated felt inevitable. What was first launched in October 2010 as a fun creative project that embodied philophy, charity, fashion and art, has now made its mark and been quickly recognized as a whimsical collection dedicated to making change. Love Letter Nation stands apart from other brands as it is not only a humanitarian line but a way of life.

Love Letter Nation believes that letter writing is a lost communication art form in society and that the creative potential of a society depends on it. Letter writing along with the daydreamers of the world are the missing links to the poetics of life of which our society is slowly neglecting. Sheehy has a hope that one day people will respect a silly thought like one respects a great painting and that one day everyone can share and enjoy the subtle shades of beauty of the everyday like other people's letters and creations, in the hopes that love letter Nation will not become a minority game of the artists but a way of thinking that anyone can embrace.

Today Elena Sheehy works with production in India where she has also partnered up with an orphanage in the area. Sheehy created a Yoga and Art workshop with a small orphanage that is a part of the Humane Society and 10% of her profits go to materials and teachers to continue this creative workshop. Love Letter Nation is not only a mentality and a philosophy but above all it's also about love, in which Sheehy's passion can be felt through her dedication to her workshop programs with the children. one of her first workshops being a postcard making workshop. All postcards are made from handmade paper with the paint out of ayurveda holi in all natural pigment. The cards will also be featured on the Etsy Shop 20% of postcard profits will go to the workshop, in addition to the 10% of the profits from clothing sales.

" I have this beautiful dream of seeing these kids grow up to be creative inspiring loving people."


The line continues to evolve and develop with the goal of continually making a thought-provoking collection that embodies imagination, compassion and philosophy. Through creating a line that celebrates day dreamers, Love Letter Nation has worked to help realize the immense dream of making the world a better place a tangible reality. We're keeping our eyes and hearts on the work of Elena Sheehy's vision and fantastical design creations.

Visit online for updates at the Love Letter Nation Blog and shop on Etsy.