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TousAfter a heavy winter of bundling and layering we are all ready for the light and carefree spirit of springtime! Which is one of the reasons why we were so quickly enthralled by Tous’ latest collection, a fantastical assortment of treasures inspired by oriental cultures and symbols. Drawing upon influence from Japan, China and India, Tous presents us with their unique interpretation of notable eastern symbols like the lotus flower, Ming dynasty vases, Japanese folding screens, Ganesh and many more. This spring, we experience a collection of accessories in delicate pastel hues, intricate golden designs and dreamy precious stones.

Distinguished by its precious trademark bear, Tous has pioneered a distinguished line of high end jewelry and accessories and mastered the art of giving us the perfect splash of whimsy enveloped in elegant grace. Prepare yourself for a journey into the Orient! And celebrate springtime fantasy with this feminine and elegant line, infused with such exquisite detail as you escape into Tous’ latest reverie.




Tous Lotus Spring
Each piece holds such unique character and charm that it’s challenging to come up with a favorite so we took note of few that we couldn’t wait to share with you. At first we were drawn to the fine craftsmanship of the Japanese folding screen - the folding bracelet of Japanese printed panels is a stand out conversation piece. Plus the exquisite fan necklace in which the pendant can actually be opened and closed just like a real Japanese fan! Tous further continues this eloquent use of gold in the Geisha series with multi faceted plated golden discs that radiate shine and texture to perfectly interplay with luscious precious stones such as rose quartz, coral, amethyst and chalcedony in a lovely balance of opulence, sensuality and femininity.

Then your eyes stop as your heart skips a beat to become transfixed upon the majestic Indian ruby rings. Reminiscent of the large broaches worn by Indian princes, the intensely rich red ruby set in gold exudes a regal air and dynamic beauty.

The dynasty series in turn replicates the cool refined grace of the coveted porcelain china designs from the Ming Dynasty. Lustrous sterling silver adds luxurious shine to the intricately designed oriental printed crystals. And finally we take a reflective pause at the lotus flower. Entranced by the purity, sensuality, freedom, and divinity that defines the lotus flower as a mystifying and enthralling symbol brought to life in this collection. Tous masterfully interprets in a elegant floral designs in such precious stone s as mother of pearl that combine with sweeping golden details. Each piece is feminine, graceful, natural and sensual.

It’s easy to see how We immediately feel in love with this collection; it’s a lovely breath of fresh air! Take a peek to see more from Tous this spring online at which also includes a stunning array of Orient inspired handbags along with more fabulous and exciting must have accessories.



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