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Eyewear that transcends expectations! Mykita is an astounding line that are works of art and innovation.
Mykita is a young Berlin based company catering to the global demand for stylish top-quality eyeglasses. The creative core comprises Philipp Haffmans and Harald Gottschling, two of the eyewear world's most innovative designers. The duo demonstrate their extraordinary innovatory skills and a precious knack for sophisticated and sensitive styling. The unique form vocabulary of Philipp Haffmans and Harald Gottsching has made the designer duo a hot name in the luxury eyewear sector. Haffman's trademark style draws heavily on natural sources of inspiration, while Gottschling takes his contouring cues from the latest developments in industrial design, in particular from aerodynamic and automotive styling. What distinguishes this pioneering team's approach to design is their belief in the compatibility of technical innovation and classic elegance


The new MYKITA DECADES sunglasses line is a marriage of tradition and zeitgeist. With its own colour and design concept linking the modern with the classic, the new line features "Contemporary Classics". Design-wise the models are characterised by a rendering of large panto forms to MYKITA’s ultralight flat-metal concept. Quoting iconic styles from the 20th century, a huge pool of inspiration for shapes and styles, DECADES re-interprets timeless classics in a modern way. A well selected assortment of models is inspired by typical vintage shapes from the 30s through the 80s, but as a result of the modern methods used in their manufacture they are firmly rooted in the present


The androgynous model DEVENDRA stands for the current trend towards over- sizing in the eyewear world. Large, square-shaped lenses encompassed in a deep-set frame with a slightly curved top line. This stainless steel model is the result of design rules being turned on their head; instead of the usual bold contours emphasising the top line here, in this case the latter is extremely fine. At the same time, the otherwise delicate lower section of the frame has been given a more prominent contour. This detail is further highlighted by the colour scheme; gleaming gold and silver accentuate the fine outline above, while the lower section turns DEVENDRA into a style statement in the newly created colours Pale Blue and Rose.


Devendra in Pale Blue

Round, round, round … is the fashion credo for the 2012 season. Whether as sunglasses or corrective spectacles, the renaissance of the round form is very much underway. PHOEBE is the name of MYKITA’s interpretation for this decade. Two circles inside a hint-of-colour frame – that’s it. The cen- tral bridge and nose are markedly restrained so as to make the most of the extreme geometric form. This effect is underscored by the Pale Blue or Rose colour schemes for the rims.



Phoebe in Gold/Rose



The LIDIA, MILENA and SHANA models are MYKITA’s feminine look for the year 2012. Throughout the collection the square-shaped form of the oversized lenses, positioned in a delicately contoured frame, makes a playful nod to the 1980s “secretary style”. It stands for a self-confident woman who knows what she wants. The form vocabulary of this trio evokes memories of the big hair — and even bigger shoulder pads — of this extremely diverse era of fashion. LIDIA is made from lightweight stainless steel and is avail- able in the colours Brown, Blackberry, Purple Red and Violet. The MILENA sunglasses model is made of acetate and comes in the colours Tobago, Taupe, Amber and Amethyst, and optionally also with polarised lenses. SHANA, likewise an acetate model, is available in the new rhubarb-like colour Pink Sherbet as well as in Black, Tobago and Topaz

Top Lidia in Violet, Bottom Shana in Pink Sherbet



The distinguishing features of the ETHAN and BLAKE aviator models are the polygonal form of the lenses, the delicate frame and the soft lines falling away at the sides. The latter contrast with the otherwise chunky form vocabulary, which is reminiscent of the look of the Battlestar Galactica TV series. Two übercool spectacles: in the ETHAN version made of stain- less steel and in the colours Black, Glossy Gold and Shiny Silver, and optionally also with polarised lenses. BLAKE, made of acetate, is avail- able in the colours Black, Red, Tobago and Inkblue.
As of the end of September, all new frames of MYKITA Collection No.1 are fitted with the new MYKITA temple thus allowing individual adjustment to the wearer’s head form.

Left Blake in Inkblue, Right Ethan in Black




After years of research MYKITA developed a material that offers unlimited design options, light weight and individual adaptability: MYLON.

The first MYKITA MYLON collection marks the foundation of a new product segment in the eyewear sector: luxury sports fashion. These frames were designed both for skiing down mountain slopes and also as classic sun- glasses for everyday use.

MYLON frames boast extreme stability, low weight and outstanding dura- bility. The key is a polyamide-based material to which MYKITA gave a new, patented surface finish — the first time the material was used for the production of spectacles.

In addition, it’s thermal adaptability means the frames are fully adjustable to the wearer’s features. Selective Laser Sintering, an additive manufacturing technique used to create three-dimen- sional structures, enables MYLON spectacles to be moulded into any shape desired. The resulting surface, reminiscent of wood grain, and the sophisticated finish make the frames comprising the MYLON collection absolutely unique in their visual and tactile feel.

A futuristic look for a futuristic material — this credo was decisive for the form vocabulary of the MYLON collection. Polygonal lenses, a sporty design and glasses as a protective element are the pivotal features of every MYKITA MYLON frame.

NOVA is the most striking model in the collection. The front shield and the top line, which hugs the head like a headband, are the defining features of this futuristic-looking specimen. The expansive glass front, offering protection from wind and water, is like a mix of vintage ski goggles and 3D-viewers for the cyberspace of the early 1990s. NOVA is available in the colours Sunshine, Storm and Pitch.


Above Left Elide in Cinnabar, Right Left in Icco in Peat with Crison in Pitch, Top Right Nova in Sunshine


Pushing creativity and expression to a new experience Mykita has teamed up on a few exciting collaborations that are our latest fashion obsessions.




Trompe-l’œil :“noun: visual illusion in art, especially as used to trick theeye into perceiving a painted detail as a three-dimensional object; origin French, literally ‘deceives the eye’.”

It’s all a question of perspective – as illustrated by the AVRUM frame jointly designed by MYKITA and Alexandre Herchcovitch, which will introduce a new look and way of looking in spring/summer 2012.

Trompe-l'œil has been employed by painters since the 14th century, using perspective to suggest three-dimensionality where none exists. AVRUM was designed in two colours in reference to the technique.

Suggestion or substance, illusion or reality, framed or floating – only on closer inspection is all revealed with this bi-colour frame. The frame front boasts distinctive corners and tapered sides, a nod to the classic bold styling of 1950s Nylor frames.

While the top line of the hand-painted frame comes in Red, Violetblue or Black, the lower rims have skin tone finishes.

“The nude-coloured lower section gives the frame a floating effect. This results in an optical illusion that shifts the spatial perspective in trompe-l'œil style”, explains fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch.

AVRUM is a unisex model available in the colour combinations Black/Nude, Red/Nude and Violetblue/Nude with brown sunglasses lenses.

Avrum in Violetblue/Nude with Red/Nude


Mykita and fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch took inspiration from pioneering architect Le Corbusier’s preference for thick, round horn-rimmed glasses when creating two new models for the 2012 spring/summer season – a homage to the round form. 
Delicate, washed-out pastel tones from Herchcovitch’s collection provided the basis for the colour selection for the new models REGINA and GOLDA. The simple stainless steel frames bring the original horn-rimmed frame into the present as a circular model and as a cut-off version.

From Left to Right: Golda in Rose, Purple, Regina in Vanilla,Amber, Golda in Stone, Grey



Entertainer and enfant terrible. Fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm is a bit of both – but more importantly a congenial designer. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1998, the German joined forces with Jutta Kraus to set up his self-titled fashion label for launching four collections a year: two for men and two for women.
Willhelm’s creations blend innovative cuts, cues from the contemporary world of popular culture with elements from the sports and streetwear scene – while always injecting a touch of irony and absurdity. The results have won him a range of fashion accolades, including the ANDAM Award (Association Nationale pour le Développement de la Mode) bestowed by the French Minister of Culture in 2005; furthermore his designs are regularly featured in group and solo shows around the world.
Bernhard Willhelm has in addition made stage outfits for Pop singer Björk’s 2007 world tour as well as theatre costumes for the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. Together with artists Carsten Fock and Dirk Bonn he has created non-commercial works that have been exhibited in galleries in Berlin and Stockholm and the Biennale in Athens.

The first joint venture of MYKITA and Bernhard Willhelm was created for the designer’s 2009 autumn/winter collection, and the collaboration has continued since then.






Experiments with colours, materials, laser- and new print technologies comprise the focus of the S/S 2012 Kostas Murkudis collection and are the heart of the collaboration between the Designer and MYKITA.

Inspired by the contrast of “natural” and “artificial”, specific mate- rials were selected for the spring/summer 2012 collection that have their origins in the world of sports- and swimwear. A laser was employed to incorporate Moiré effects into the material as a design feature.

The juxtaposed geometric structures were the source of inspiration for the design of the jointly created ELEKTRA and PHINEAS models. The sur- faces of the glasses were — mirroring the collection — covered with a mesh-like structure that was etched into the stainless steel frames.

This texture gives the lightweight metal a new, deeper level that is re- inforced by the coating. The tear-shaped lenses are mounted in the upper section of the frame, which merges into the temples like a continuous ribbon and, are held below only by a fine wire.

Water, salt, sun and wind — the faded and watery tones of a hot midsummer that are part of the Kostas Murkudis collection are also found in the hues and colours of the models. Refraining from rich, saturated colours was an intuitive choice for the designer from the outset. This is also reflected in the choice of subtly tinted lenses, which expose the eyes of the wearer.
ELEKTRA and PHINEAS will be available in the colour combinations Gold Tile/ Light Brown, Pearl Tile/Light Blue and Charcoal Tile/Dark Blue as of February 2012 at all MYKITA Shops worldwide, selected concept stores (MYKITA Shop-in-Shop at Andreas Murkudis, Berlin) and at optical stores.

Top: Left to Right: Elektra in Charcoal Tile/Dark Blue, Phineas in Pearl Tile/Light Blue, Directly Above Elektra in Gold Tile/light Brown

Mykita delivers an amazing collection with bold shapes, fascinating craftsmanship and intriguing textures Explore their website to get inspired and give your eyes a real treat.


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