sapphire Whisper Spring Fashion Editorial




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Photo Credits


Fashion Stylist: Sandra Alice

MODA Creative Artists was developed from the shared creative vision of hair and make-up artist, Karen Filos, and photographer, April Turner. First and foremost, their love for creative and highly conceptual editorial imagery is what brought them together time and time again for fashion projects, and it's from this mutual passion that they realized the value in synergy among a project's creative team. As most artists know, there is a certain spark--a certain intangible "thing"--that just clicks during a shoot when all team members are on the same page, sharing an artistic vision and working together to bring it to fruition. It's truly a synergistic experience, and the resulting imagery benefits infinitely from the magic that happens on a shoot like that. Karen and April and their team of artists at MODA Creative have that "thing"--that intangible chemistry and combination of talent that elevates a photo shoot to truly mindblowing imagery. From the art direction, to set construction, to fashion styling and cinematography, MODA Creative has everything you need to develop your idea, project, product, or brand to the highest level of artistry.

Photographer: April Turner

With over 23 years of dance and performance experience, April Turner's approach to creative fashion and editorial photography is uniquely inspired by elements of choreography and stage production. She approaches imagery with the perspective of building it from the ground up--from conceptualization to casting the right characters (for example, models) to lighting to wardrobe, all the way down to the posing and body language of the models, individuals, or characters. As a former dancer, she is particularly tuned into body mechanics and aesthetics and can often be found jumping into the scene in order to demonstrate a particular move or position that is necessary for the image to be a success. For April, the approach to fashion and editorial photography she uses is one whereby an entire scene, world, fantasy, lifestyle, or storyline is created and infused through the final image.

Make Up and Hair: Karen Filos
Karen Filos is an award-winning freelance hair, makeup and fashion stylist based in Atlanta. With more than 20 years experience in cosmetology, Karen’s professional portfolio includes working with top salons on the east coast and in Atlanta in haircut design, makeup, and styling for weddings, film, print and television. Most recently owning two upscale salons in New Jersey before relocating to Atlanta in 2009. She recently worked on the "final reveal" for ABC's Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, as well as the 2011 Charleston Fashion week for hair and makeup.

As a hair and makeup stylist in the film industry, Karen has styled celebrities including Judy Reyes (best known for her work on the television show Scrubs) and was Key Hairstylist for “Glow Ropes,” the winning feature film for Best Picture, New York International Latino Film Festival. Karen’s work has been featured in high-profile print and web publications including Jezebel, The Atlantan, North Georgia Leisure Magazine, Bumble & Bumble Business Review, New Jersey Life magazine, and 40/74 Magazine.

Model: Katelynn Mory