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About Sodafine

Sodafine was a bricks & mortar shop that first opened in Philadelphia in 2002. It began as a small vintage shop that was housed in the backroom of Vagabond Boutique. Very early on we Owner Erin and her Friends began making things to sell at the shop, and invited our friends to do the same. As it grew, Sodafine moved to Fort Greene, Brooklyn in 2004 and then again to Williamsburg in 2006. Over the years Sodafine carried handmade eco and innovative designs by makers such as: Feral Childe, Roxy Marj, Manimal, Popomomo, Mollie Dash, Mociun, Prairie Underground, Margarita Saplala, Chie Mihara, Melissa, Dear Birthday, Loomstate, Amy Tavern, She-Bible, Cal Patch, Emmaluv, Elaine Ho, Supayana, Organic by John Patrick, Brieana Ruais, Bario Neal, Tamika Rivera, and so many more
Sodafine's Williamsburg location closed at the end of 2010 but contues as an online shop for vintage and handmade treasures.




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